Hi everyone, I just wanted to make an official announcement and say that I’m no longer taking on anymore new piercings. Although it’s been a wonderful 9 years in this industry for me, I feel the time has come to try my hand at new things. GW and everyone I’ve worked with over the years has been amazing and I wouldn’t trade that time for anything in the world! My clients, both new and old, have made it very hard for me to make the decision to leave and I will truly miss working in the piercing/tattoo industry.

As I started off saying, I’m not taking on any new piercings for the rest of the year, however, I will continue to work through December to take care of anyone who I’ve pierced in the past few months who needs jewelry changes/downsize and check-ups.

Thanks to everyone I’ve worked with, pierced, and anyone who stopped in to buy my jewelry or ask me questions! You’ve made my last 9 years absolutely awesome! Much love to all and the happiest of holidays!

-Will S.

 (608) 620-1977.

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