In order to do everything we can to ensure the health and safety of ourselves and our clients Great Whale will be implementing a new set of rules that will remain in effect until further notice. PLEASE READ THIS ENTIRE PAGE.

Thank you!


We will be working in shifts, BY APPOINTMENT ONLY, at 25% of our normal staff until we determine its safe to change this policy. That’s 2 artists, and 2 clients; working by appointment only. This means we’ll be taking only 1 client per artist, per day as well. Our piercer has his own room, and will be working by appointment. 


Due to these new rules, most of us will need to focus on larger work whenever possible. 

*We will have “ON CALL” days where there will be an artist available to take a last minute appointment. We will post those dates on social media, so please subscribe to notifications if this interests you.  MORE INFO ON THIS BELOW THE RULES. *



  • Staggering Shifts: We will have an early and a late shift with 1 hour in between for cleaning and giving artists and clients time to enter and leave  without crossover. Artists determine the shifts they work.

  • We will be taking 1 client per day to eliminate you being in contact with the last client, via our clothing and etc. 

  • We will be wearing masks at all times when working with you and we will have shop shoes that will not leave the shop and will be disinfected after the appointment.

  • Great Whale will  be Providing a Tupperware container to use for your personal items while you are in the shop.

    • This container will be disinfected between every client. 

  • Cleaning all frequently touched surfaces between EVERY CLIENT and EVERY ARTIST switch over. 

  • Washing our hands CONSTANTLY and maintaining the highest level of personal hygiene and sanitary care possible.



  • You MUST have an appointment to enter the shop. Please call when you get to the shop (608)620-1977 and we’ll let you know when you are free to enter.

  • All consent forms will be digital, and will be sent to you via text message prior to your appointment. Our waiver no includes a specific section on COVID-19. PLEASE READ THE FULL WAIVER BEFORE SIGNING.

  • NO GUESTS - NO EXCEPTIONS. If this is a health matter for you, we ask that you wait until these guidelines are no longer in effect. It saddens us to have to make this rule, but it is in the interest of everyone’s safety, and it wont be forever. <3

  • You MUST wear a mask. It must be on before you enter, and until you leave. If you’d like to take a sip of water from a water bottle, you may slip it under the mask and return the bottle to your container. If you’d like a snack, we ask that you wait until a break, have the snack outside on the patio or in your car and then follow all entry rules again when you return from break.

    • It really helps us out if you bring your own mask, but we will have masks available if you are unable. Both cloth and medical are acceptable as long as they cover your nose and mouth completely.

  • Wash your hands immediately upon entering the shop, before your enter the artists area. 

  • Remain in your artists designated area at all times. We have a restroom, but no place to “wait”, so until the rest room is open, wait with your artist please. 

  • Please only bring what you need for your appointment. We will provide a Tupperware container for you to place personal items in while you are here. Some examples are : a bottle of water, and a snack, an extra sweatshirt, your purse, etc. Essentials for your comfort during the tattoo process only. 

  • If you feel sick, or even the slightest bit “off”, we kindly ask that you reschedule as soon as you feel so. Whether its 10 days before or 10 minutes, you will not be penalized for rescheduling appointments during this time, regardless of notice.  ALSO: If someone in your circle has been sick or you feel you may have been exposed and could possibly be asymptomatic, PLEASE consider us, and our community, and reschedule. 



  • Contact Will directly via text (608) 620-5010

  • All piercing and related appointments will be done by appointment only.

  • Piercing clients will be supplied  SLIP RESISTANT shoe covers. As your time in the shop is much shorter and your contact with wills equipment is more limited than tattoo clients, we feel this is a better solution in order to keep the appointments as brief as possible and eliminate additional bodies in the shop as much as we can.

  • Piercing will be done at Will’s personal discretion. If he feels that wearing a mask daily during this pandemic will affect your piercing’s ability to heal, he reserves the right to refuse the service. But he welcomes your business and questions. *Will is VERY EDUCATED on piercing and healing, and is considered an expert but the clients he works with, so we ask that you trust his recommendations.



We have an odd number of artists and are splitting shifts. Because some of our artists are booked out quite far, and others were mostly taking walk ins; there will be shifts that are “open” and available for you to call in and make an appointment for the same day. We will post these available dates, and the artists they are with regularly, so please follow the shop notifications on social media if these appointments interest you.   *Again, we will only be taking 1 appointment, per artist, per shift, so when the appointment is taken, its taken.  

    • note: if you generally like smaller, simpler tattoos, this would be a great time to combine those into a single appointment. It will be a lot more beneficial to our artists and their schedules to do 3 or 4 of your 10 minutes tattoos in on appointment, vs spending their one shift on something that won’t take much of their shift up. Also, it will save you waiting months between getting ideas you already know you want. That being said: please understand, we love, and value these small tattoos and short interactions just as much as the big ones, but in our current reality we have to make decisions that are in our best interests both financially and in the interest of safety. We would love to get back to walk in Saturday’s , AND WE WILL: but we have absolutely no clue when. 


All of these rules are 100% non-negotiable, but If you have any questions, please contact us via email at

We sincerely can’t wait to get back to seeing you all and doing what we love. Thanks so much, and if you made it this far in the reading: We’ll see you soon! 

-Great Whale 

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